IHOP day 13 — 5.4 miles

The Old Shoes are nervous. They saw the shipping order for The New Shoes.  The youngsters arrived a while back but weren’t quite the right size, so the long boat to Vietnam and back has slowed their arrival. Still, the inevitable conclusion looms.

We go out on the hotfoot course, then the xeriscape, them the lake loop.Searching for something that isn’t even there. They watch the scenery, savoring the views of what will be one of their last journeys.

My left knee hurts. I don’t know if it’s the sidewalk or the cumulative effect or the shoes wearing out or my knees just being too damn old. I’m hoping the cavalry arrives before Little Big Horn plays out at the Chaparral Park.

Another day at 15:15ish, which seems to be what the starting point will be for 110 bpm. An interesting game. Maffetone says the pace will eventually drop as the heart rate stays the same. I’m not sure about the monkey heart, though. Experiment of One. We’ll see.

Fast-pitch women’s softball, pee-wee soccer, goose poo, heavily tattooed dog walker. It’s an odd place to hang out. But then, I suppose I’m odd. This may call for a return to the mad dog. Frisbees don’t hurt as much.

Oh, well. The trial of miles, miles of trial. The experiment continues.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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