tacos are sort of aerobic

Blame it on the tacos.

We got nailed today by the remants of Tropicana Rosa. Our parking lot became the sort of place that a weather channel reporter would canoe through while pedestrians walked their dogs in the background. Relentles rain that was unrelentling and refused to relent. It rained a lot.

You know you’re a Desert Boy when you have only a solar umbrella, having never actually seen rain before. So the morning run was out. because, umm, I’d get wet and stuff.

I waited till the afternoon to give it another try. I drove to the track. AND THEY CLOSED THE SCHOOL BECAUSE OF RAIN!!! I thought about trying to sneak in, but there was a cop in a golf cart. Never mess with a cop in a golf cart. They have a lot of issues.

So I waited a while but it never stopped raining. I went to the little fitness room in our complex to try the treadmill. But just as I was about to start, two large weightlifters, no doubt destined to be Supreme Court justices someday, came in. As a card-carrying introvert (OK, the card is a gift card to Chick-fil-A that I can’t use because the only Chick-fil-A I have access to is one by the paper and they say they don’t take the card because they’re technically part of the ASU campus and not an actual franchise and god I hate those people anyhow), i had to leave immediately.

And that’s how I found myself on the loop around the apartment complex. Dodging puddles, soaked from the rain, hating life. Damn weather. Damn weight lifters. Damn rent-a-cops. Damn Rosa. And then it hit me.

Rosa’s is our favorite Mexican food joint. It’s Taco Tuesday. It’s a sign. Never trifle with signs. except maybe that chick-fil-a sign. Bastards.

And so I had tacos instead. Sure, it’s not quite as aerobic. But it tastes a lot better. And it will likely be another couple years before it rains. Enjoy it while I can.

Mo is skeptical I can survive in Seattle because of the rain, but I think it will be just fine. i have a solar umbrella, after all. I hope they have tacos …

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