SoM day 5 — 3m, 44:46 (14:53, 114)

A guy was in lane 1 today wearing a shirt from this year’s Pat’s Run, the local 4.2 mile race to honor the memory of former Arizona State and Cardinals football player Pat Tillman. I thought this was fitting, given the controversy swirling around Nike’s new Just Do It campaign.

A lot of folks are saying it should be Tillman’s face rather than Kap’s for the 30th anniversary ad. And I guess I understand where they’re coming from, even though Tillman’s wife said last year that her husband’s service “should never be politicized in a way that divides us.”

But honoring Tillman’s sacrifice doesn’t address the problem, which is that a large number of Americans feel they are being discriminated against unfairly, sometimes fatally, and feel the desperate need to do something about it, to call attention to it, to demand change. If they are fortunate enough to be on a national and world stage to do it, then they feel it’s their responsibility, following the tradition of Muhammad Ali, Tommie Smith, John Carlos and others over the years.

Maybe this is just a genius marketing campaign by Nike to cash in on the controversy. Or maybe they really do care. They  might lose some money, but I doubt it. Their brand is too strong. Folks will squawk for a few weeks and then go back to their Air Jordans and Tiger Woods golf shirts. People have short memories. For each person burning $200 shoes they already paid for, someone else who has no interest in sports apparel is buying a pair of shoes just to show their support. It all balances out.

But if you take the time to read Colin Kaepernick’s story, you’ll find he’s the real deal, a guy willing to quietly sacrifice for something he believes in.

Tillman’s college teammate Jeremy Staat weighed in today. “Pat was not a conservative Republican, he did not believe in the Iraq War, he was not a Christian, and with the government and military handling of his death and the lies that followed I do believe that Pat would value the players’ protest against police brutality and inequality,” he said.

In the words of the prophet Vonnegut, so it goes.

The memory of Tillman was alive and well in Lane 1 today at the track. Kap and I held down Lane 9. There’s room for both on the track, and in the world.

The important thing is to believe in something. Just do it.

SoM Day 5
track, 6 pm, 97
44:46 (14:53, 114)
14:16, 14:57, 14:55
145, 0.74, 2.6, v35

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3 Responses to SoM day 5 — 3m, 44:46 (14:53, 114)

  1. Dorothea says:

    I learned something. Didn’t even follow the ad controversy, but I can see both sides. Thanks for making me aware of this.

    In having had more time to think about it though, that this might just be a “genius marketing campaign by Nike to cash in on the controversy” makes more sense. maybe they do care, a little, but in the end, the meetings are going to be about the profit they’ve made, not the difference they can make.

    However, in the final analysis, the choice to support social justice in the US versus a choice to leave sports for the armed forces to defend the US does say something about the social and political climate, and while I do have problems with Nike, I do support the choice.

    (also, I’m glad SoM is going strong)


  2. gary says:

    mo said i need to keep this joint for dull daily stuff and use margarine for Great Thoughts. And it occurred to me that I pretty much never have great thoughts. So here we are.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dorothea says:

    I think you do. I also think Mo gave you good advice.


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