3 miles, 44:53 (14:56-120)

Life is funny. You never react to things the way you think you will.

Easy run on the track. Legs trashed from climbing. Who knew? A time to think.

I lived in South Tejas for six years. My only wish was to once experience a hurricane, so I could go out and run in a 100 mph wind. I always wondered what that would feel like. The incredible wall of wind on the way out, followed by human kite on the way back. I waited. And waited. We never even came close to a tropical storm.

And then.

In the first hurricane season since I moved to the desert, they’re going to get slammed. It sounds like it will be really, really bad. I always thought I would be annoyed if a hurricane arrived shortly after I left. But now I’m just scared.

Life is funny.

3 miles, 44:53 (14:56-120)
11 a.m., track, 101
15:03, 14:49, 14:57
144, 0.75


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2 Responses to 3 miles, 44:53 (14:56-120)

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Hope the storm fizzles out before it hits anything.


  2. gary says:

    that didn’t work out so well.


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