5 miles 1:16.34 (15:17-126)

The prophet Scott Modzelewski once said, “If you have to walk, walk like you mean it.”

I tried doing this today, and I think it’s the answer. 5 miles, 1:16.34 (15:17-126). I just worked on my sidle for the entire 5. Kept the HR right on the border of aerobic and threshold. The result? Faster than yesterday, a lot easier mentally and physically, and with the feeling that yes, I could do this all day.

Idea now is just to stay at that 130 range and hope I get a little stronger. we’ll see. 31.5 miles for the week. The morning runner thing seems to be working. I can do this.

You never know when those old lessons will pop up. Thanks, Mojo.


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