4 miles, 1:04.06 (16:00-139)

Heat is funny. Today’s temperature was a blissful 10 degrees cooler than Wednesday, but it felt just as hot. Maybe once you go over 90 it’s all relative. Or maybe it’s my SpongeBob Fleece Workout Suit. Polito always said it’s better to look fast than be fast.

Another futile effort to keep the heart rate at 134 or below. I tried shuffling rather than sidling, and I think that’s going to work better. Plus it gives me that old man street cred. Schedule calls for 3 miles but I went 4. I think as long as I’m going this slow I might as well tack on a little extra mileage. Plus, 2 miles out is an icy water fountain. Now if I could only find an Icee fountain on the course.

All in all, a good day. It was fun, and I think I read somewhere once that that’s supposed to be the point. Downside: Garmin says this run will require a 3.5 day recovery. Running is complicated …

4 miles, 1:04.06 (16:00-139)
10 a.m., mad dog, 93
15:03, 15:42, 16:23, 16:53
145, 0.69


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