It seemed like a good idea. I’m working an earlier shift, so I could finish up, go home, prop my feet up for a minute, and then go out for a run around 11 p.m. This strategy worked flawlessly right up till the last part.

I was working for the Reno paper. All I had to do was wait around till the Universit of Nevada basketball player (never trust someone named “Cam”) was drafted. How long could that take? As it turns out, most of my adult life. He went two rounds and nothing. Signed as a free agent afterward. This is EXACTLY why I hate basketball. Plus I’m uncoordinated and can’t dribble unless it involves a Medium Chocolate Frosty. The result: I ended up staying too late to run, and he is doomed to eternity in hell with the Houston Rockets.

Takeaway: Always run before work. Always.

Yikes. Forecast says heat wave will continue. Maybe I should run late tomorrow ….


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