2 miles, 29:29 (14:43)

I’m watching the prefontaine classic and wondering what the answer is. That’s tricky, becauseI’m not sure what the question is. it makes absolutely no sense at all. Which is probably why i’m attracted to it.

The jackrabbit was empty today except for a couple of old guys using their fishing poles as an excuse to sleep in the shade. I tried one mile with the 150 sidle and then a second with the squirrel technique. Verdict: i’m a squirrel.

Someone take the wheel, the Prophet Westerberg once said, i don’t know where we’re going. Ihum along as the pond drifts by. Dead fish and a racing mind, tired legs and a spirit looking for revival. Where will it end? I have no idea. And maybe that’s the point …

2 miles, 29:29 (14:43)
11 a.m., jackrabbit, 82
14:36, 14:51
151, 0.72


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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