2 miles, 23:49 (11:53)

so i figured what the hell.

i ditched the clown shoes and dragged out ernie pook (the third-generation piranhas), went to the jackalope and ran. no padding, no sole, no support or control. just 4 1/2 ounces of man i can’t believe these things still smell this bad.

and maybe that was the secret.

that slightly greater leg extension from a faster pace seems to take the pain away from the knee. maybe a bit more of a heel strike and roll? longer stride? underwear gnomes? pain couldn’t stand the stench?  i’m not sure, but i ran 2 miles and it didn’t hurt. like, really didn’t hurt.

maybe it just took a day for the J.H. McLean’s Volcanic Oil Pain Relieving Linament to kick in? possibly. maybe a fluke? could be. either way is ok by me. 2 miles of pinching myself. only 2 miles because it’s harder than you would think to run while pinching yourself.

i guess we’ll see. but maybe the key to running is that i need to be running. this stuff is simpler than you would think.

thanks, ernie pook.

2 miles, 23:49 (11:53)
2 p.m., jackalope, 88 7n
11:49, 11:58
177, 0.76


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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One Response to 2 miles, 23:49 (11:53)

  1. mosheppo says:

    I so love this man. jist sayin’


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