5 miles, 1:14.27 (14:53)

it’s 5 miles. i was dreadfully slow, my knee hurt most of the way, i almost got killed by a road crew, it’s too damn hot, i overheated (or maybe came down with pneumonia), i bonked and strolled and strolled and bonked, i dragged myself to the lifeguard station for shock paddles only to find out it was closed, i lost the will to live and then found it on the sidewalk where it had fallen out, i didn’t have much fun and i’ll likely give it up for good. but still. it’s 5 miles! running is weird.

14:53 pace and hr average is still 130. not sure how to stay below 124 without driving.

5 miles, 1:14.27 (14:53-130)
1 p.m., hasselhoff, 91-9ne
13:50, 14:39, 16:16, 14:53, 14:48
151, 0.72


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One Response to 5 miles, 1:14.27 (14:53)

  1. verticaletc says:

    I did four. My knee hurt too but only once I finished. I’m going to try ice creaming it tonight. I hope you get some cooler weather soon!!


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