3 miles, 46:03 (15:09)

it’s funny when you make it through 3 miles and think, “oh, sure. i could do 47 more of those.” funny. what the hell am i thinking.

mo decided today that fall is almost here because the seagulls’ hats are changing colors. i’m not even certain seagulls wear hats. and i don’t think it cools off in fall anyhow. but i guess it’s something.

i may not be able to run, but i can still dream with the best of them. here we go again, another round of blues.

jackalope. it’s just fun to say. if you’re going to die, die somewhere that’s fun to say. done.

best thing about beach runs: never a shortage of odd peeps. i have no idea how to play pokemon go, but i think we won.

3 miles, 46:03 (15:09-112)
jackalope, 12:15 p.m., 90 – 11s
16:00, 15:06, 14:56
145, 0.72


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