4 miles, 49:52 (12:27)

a good day, i guess. it’s a “fast” day, which i’m guessing is about 140. i was able to stay in that ballpark through the entire run, although i was bonking a bit in the last mile. but a decent exercise in running past 3.1 at a bit of an effort. running a bit past the comfort zone and only 12:27? beats me.first 90 degree day. just keep grinding for a while and see if the next gear ever kicks in. upside: no pains anywhere. foot feels fine. and ordered new zantes today, so help is on the way.

i think i’m going to like fast day pace.

still waffling on whether days off are better than easy 3 days. beats me. i might have said that already.

4 miles, 49:52 (12:27-136)
1:30 p.m., halley’s comet, 90, 11 se
11:23, 12:22, 12:49, 13:16
173, 0.75


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3 Responses to 4 miles, 49:52 (12:27)

  1. I feel good with 3 easy days and one rest day (+2 medium and 1 long one). But then I don’t run as fast as you! Now stop laughing that was not a joke 😭


  2. benjie says:

    but i’m not distracted by caves.

    ps DON’T GO IN THERE!!


  3. There is a spider in front! I can’t go inside …and probably wouldn’t … it is quite spooky 🙂

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