3 miles, 35:08 (11:42)

I’m thinking about that fateful day in 1964 when arthur tempo was making waffles and came up with the idea to go out and run way too fast in an effort to throw them up, thus inventing his namesake, the tempo run.

today was the first tempo run during the summer of fleshman, although i didn’t have waffles. it went ok. i was able to get the hr up to 150 and keep it there for a while, although i have no idea how i could survive 152-155 for 5k. guess i’ll find out saturday.

the legs are still having a hard time catching up to the agenda. hill of death in 2:49, which is just a couple seconds off my pr, so there’s that. died in the last mile, as to be expected. but overall it was better than i hoped for, and a sub-11 second mile.

for bookkeeping purposes, i hit 162 at the top of the hill and was pretty maxed out, a good sign that 165 (max i used to calculate percentages) is accurate. and i’m almost certain i didn’t die. ok, somewhat certain. ok, i’m typing this in ER. but still.

and now i really, really want waffles. oh well.

3 miles, 35:08 (11:42-143)
11:50 a.m., hasselhoff, 82, 5 w
11:33, 10:51, 12:42
176, 0.78


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