3 miles, 40:43 (13:34)

sometimes i wonder if my hat is too Fancy. actually, it’s not so much a hat as it is the suggestion of where a hat once was. like when you go to indian ruins and they’re just a bunch of rocks 8 inches high stacked in a rectangle.

i’m sure people think i’m showing off. but it allows a lot of breeze, has a huge bill, and seagulls don’t bother aiming for it. what more could you ask for in a running companion?

easy 3 on the hasselhoff. it was hard keeping the hr low enough. residual fatigue from fartlek or evil underpants gnomes along the course? hard to say. i had to stroll some to keep it from creeping past 130. just a phone it in and leave a message sort of run. i had to resist the urge to add a fourth. maybe that’s a good sign. or the underpants gnomes.

just an easy day to recover between hard days and thank the running gods for running hats that never let you down. although now i want one of those pointy red hats. damn underpants gnomes …

ps gumbo ended up not running 300 miles in may after all. she ran 320.

3 miles,  40:43 (13:34, 123)
hasselhoff, 11:30 a.m., 79, 4 s
13:03, 13:57, 13:43
165, 0.70


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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