3 miles, 38:43 (12:53)

i read the papers
and i got the blues
i was so sad to hear the news
— the prophet lowell george

i am lucky that nobody close to me died in the military. granddad, not so much.

i don’t think he ever forgave me for that day i drove up in a honda. i know it’s a generational thing, he said, but i knew people who died at pearl harbor. i will always hate the japanese.

so i was glad i haven’t been running in the piranhas with japan embroidered on the shoe tongue lately. i wore a pair of new balance 1400s today, a good american shoe made in china. i’m relieved granddad is no longer around so i don’t have to wonder what he would think of that.

a woman pushing a stroller on the track wore a shirt with a u.s. flag, and i thought about a story i read this morning about the draft and vietnam and how close i came to it all. about president obama visiting hiroshima. about the sadness i feel when people still don’t understand the difference between veterans day and memorial day. how i want  to scream when someone says “happy memorial day!” i thought bout nuclear weapons and hand-to-hand combat and being a pacifist who is secretly glad that other people are willing to kill to keep me safe. life is complicated. maybe that’s why i run. just watch the hrm and follow the white stripe. turn off the brain and drift along with little feat. an easy run on a cool morning. miles is miles.

then i got in that same honda i’m still driving 28 years later and went home. sorry, granddad.


3 miles, 38:43 (12:53-124)
11:30 a.m., ray track, 82 6 s
12:19, 12:44, 13:35
178, 0.70




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