10.85 miles

i ended up today at south mountain in phx. it’s a huge city park that’s a wilderness, but it has a 7-mile road that goes straight up. so i did. it felt good to climb after soooooo many days at sea level. amd a joy to commune with the saguaros. but man. ways to go in training.

it was sunny and almost 80. a few runners and a bunch of cyclists. i ran this road a billion times in a former life, so i knew every turn and welcome downhill change. like running with on old friend.  the cactus, the rocks, the tiny yellow flowers, the skittish squirrels, the sky for a million miles. and the view from the top still brings the same mixture of relief, awe and sadness that the desert is  being swallowed up one development at a time. 10.85 miles with 1,400 feet of elevation gain, and my legs are still on speaking terms with me. peach  ale and ice cream and yelling republicans. a slight annoyance that you didn’t remind me about sunscreen and body glide. and a hesitation to begin the return to reality tomorrow. arizona is an amazing place for running. gotta do it again sometime. maybe in may.



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