4 miles (12:18)


monday is a cruel trickster. the legs are fresh, the week is new, the mind races with possibilities. the miles are easy, uphills seem flat. go faster, the mind says. nothing to it, the legs assure you. the miles float by effortlessly, faster than the plan calls for, but you don’t care. it’s fun. isn’t running SUPPOSED to be fun? the wind is a merciful crosswind, the weather is brisk enough to keep the pace moving along without losing any digits. a short cooldown, a celebration next to the baptist church sign, a memory of why it is you love running.

and that nagging reality of tomorrow’s run looming over the horizon. but tuesdays are for suffering. mondays are for joy. and joyful it was. 4 miles (12:18) hasselhoff.

sidenote: don’t forget to work monkey funding into the evm grant.

son of sidenote: i was born in the year of the monkey. this should explain much.


About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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