2 miles (13:30)

i had the dream again. i’m trying desperately to get to the start of  a 24-hour run that’s about to start. it may or may not be taking place in boca raton. i’m carrying a cooler and dragging an extremely heavy garden hose. i have no idea why a hose is needed for this run. i can see the run course in the distance, but a softball field is in the way. there’s a game going on, and it’s impossible to cross. in the distance, i hear the race start. i’m missing it. i continue to trudge along, dragging the hose, as the minutes tick by. then i wake up.

i’ve had this dream a hundred times in several variations. usually it’s at a track, sometimes a road course.  once it actually happened. but it’s always the same thing. i can’t get there.

i wondered about the dream as i went out for today’s run. what is my subconscious telling me?

i went out to run this afternoon. it’s 8 mile day at race pace. i feel lousy, but i’m hoping things will kick in. they do not. 11:30 pace becomes 12:00 becomes 13:30 becomes a walk. at 2 miles, i pull the plug. maybe that’s what the dream is telling me. i can’t get there. or maybe an allergic reaction to vrb’s incredibly bad taste in gilmore boys.

maybe it’s not a dream. just a nightmare.



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