the hardest thing about racing: it hurts so much.

you start out not even realizing what’s ahead. the first miles go by easily. you don’t notice as the mileposts come flying past. you laugh, you chat with other runners, you celebrate, you live.

as the numbers start to pile up, you take notice. things get a little more difficult. you worry now and then. but you keep going, one mile at a time. an occasional pain, a bit of weariness, but mostly happiness.

it’s only in the last few miles that it really starts to hurt. you limp along, you stop to catch your breath, you wonder how in the world you can possibly make it to the finish. it hurts so much. so, so hard. why did you ever do this?

but then you cross the finish line. it still hurts terribly, but you start to realize the other part of racing. the reason it hurt so badly was because you loved it so much. if it hadn’t mattered, there wouldn’t be this pain. so you limp along and somehow make it through the finish line. you get your medal and a banana and a shirt that doesnt fit and the world’s most perfect ring and a recipe for a maple cake you’ll make once a year on that special day even though you don’t really like maple cake.

the important thing to remember: the pain at the finish will fade.  it doesn’t seem like it at the time, but it will. but the joy that the running brought you over so many miles won’t. you get to keep that forever.

some races  are just another run. but some races only come along once in a lifetime. embrace it. celebrate.

even when it hurts so much …

“Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is being perfect.”

— some seagull


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