i got the Third Grade Composition Book of Accountability today, which makes it glaringly obvious that i totally goofed off all week. at least it meant there was room for a masked pig, and a reminder to get my butt in gear. i was going to get the first grade composition book, but it had cursive lessons in front, and i’m left handed.

i spent most of the day watching a winnie cooper hallmark movie (much of marathon training is teaching the body to deal with suffering), but managed to get in 50 flights of stairs. although it was not so much flights as a lot of runway taxiing.  given that where we live is flat and where we race is anti-flat, i’m hoping stairs on days off will help. it’ll be interesting to see effect on monday run. Science Monday!

40 mile week, here we come! certain death for sure. you may have already mentioned that.

sidenote: yes, winnie cooper lived happily ever after.


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