12 miles (12:52)

things i learned on today’s run:

  • 72 is bearable when … um, 72 is sorta perfect. what the hell were you thinking?
  • when carrying tailwind powder in tiny ziploc bags, you can sell them to people along the course for a lot of money. apparently shady people really, really love tailwind. but don’t make eye contact.
  • what is “morning”? 10 am running society meets at  1 pm. maybe it’s a time zone thing.
  • if you make your peanut butter & jelly sandwich with petroleum jelly, you’ll never be lacking for body glide. or finish your sandwich.
  • if you pass ANYONE and they say “what’s up, cutie?”, stop immediately. given that NOBODY has ever said what’s up cutie to you before. ask them to repeat while you shoot video. assume they’ve been smoking tailwind.
  • when you see a water fountain 20 feet away from a bunch of dead fish, maybe just stick with the expired store brand diet dr pepper. or maybe some water from flint. spend the next miles wondering how they could get it to you.
  • you know it’s a late run when vrb is already drunk on her second encore of horton hears a who by the time you finish.

12: miles (12:52) felt ok i guess. 20 mph wind, but surprise modest mouse concert. life always seems to balance out.
1: chocolate milk
1: some sort of burrito thing from the bottom shelf of stripes
1: really bad idea combining them shortly after long run

sidenote: coming up on the magic fountain on the first lap, there was a huge pile. bags, packpacks, shoes, boots, duffels. a rainbow of colors, taste and lifestyles. it’s what makes being young so much fun — so many choices; everyone different. when i got to the fountain, i saw their owners. a row of teenage girls, all wearing the same black dress, all wearing the same black shoes, all wearing the same straight, conversative haircut. all exactly the same. in the course of about 200 yards, their individuality had totally been taken away, left in a pile. it was profoundly sad. i hope they find where they’re going someday. no rules. just lessons.




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