2 miles (12:58)


i acted out  the traditional hallmark plot. boy gets chafed, boy forgets about getting chafed, boy howdy does he remember chafing the next day. pulled plug after 2 miles in favor of do-over tomorrow as to not jeopardize my weekly saturday night cha-cha outing. besides, i’m about to be killed by a hurricane, so what’s the point? if Pali keeps moving at this ominous pace, it’s going to hit here in only 2,500 days. like i’m going to chance it and go to work tomorrow with THAT looming on the horizon. yeah, right.



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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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One Response to 2 miles (12:58)

  1. BRH says:

    Not… chafing!!! Nooooooo!!!


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