6 miles (11:57)


it continues to be 30 below zero, or at least 30 below 70, here. pouring rain. AND THE GYM IS CLOSED FOR NEW YEAR’S DAY. except the gym was open for New Year’s Day because they sign up people all day who will come in and run on MY TREADMILL every day for a week before losing interest, so i was able to get in picante run. it felt just right, likely because i didn’t walk a lot at work yesterday, limiting the wear from walking in stilettos. and then i went off to perform a New Year’s Day concert at the Ass Bar, my first live show in 30 years or so. it went ok, other than the temperature being even colder there than outside. luckily you don’t need to feel your fingers to play guitar.

6: picante miles (11:57). steady throughout and felt fine.
2: blackeye peas consumed. ma always made me eat a blackeye pea on new year’s day for good luck. i never thought eating a blackeye pea could be lucky, since i hate them. but i know she’s watching, so i’m eating. blech.

soundtrack: “sometimes i sit and think and sometimes i just sit,” courtney barnett. satellites on the ceiling/i can see Jesus and she’s smiling at me. kinda like Liz Phair before she had a kid.


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