4 miles (13:03)

i was thinking about goals today. i called up numbers from last year to see how they compared. they’re pretty much exactly the same. 12:45 13:10, 12:43 pace over the last few days of the year, a mirror of this week. my initial reaction was disappointment. a whole year of running and nothing to show for it? but i realized there was. because i ran. does it matter how fast or how far or where or how or why? not really.  i ran. because that’s what i do. life shouldn’t be a point-to-point course. it’s best in loops. you go around in circles, share experiences, order pizza, wait, run, dream, live, sleep, wait some more for the pizza. relentless forward motion. suffering joy life. if you’re running to see results, you’re likely in it for the wrong reason. that’s my goal for 2016. just run.

4: fred miles (13:03)
11,741: steps
4: angry orchard apple ciders. gluten free! drink all you want! ask me anything.

soundtrack: “a hard day’s night,” the beatles. meh.  i guess it’s ok, but they lean on a retro ’60s kindasound. worth the price of admission for that dissonant bang on the keyboard to start the album. maybe a sign that they’ll hit stride down the road.

sidenote: happy birthday, granddad.

son of sidenote:
officer barbrady: you can’t lock people in your basement.


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