6 miles (12:00)

 i’ve totally become a sucker for the treadmill. oreos consisted of a 13:00, a 12:00, two 11’s, then a 12 and a 13. so basically perfect progression run without having to worry about pacing. and with no real way for stalin runs outside here, i’m guessing there’s a lot of tm in my future to become whiskey worthy. anyhow my legs are liking it and my head’s tired so doesn’t much care and i guess we’ll see. stormy all week in tejas, so this seems to be the path of least resistance. plus i fall down less. whatever. mostly the important thing is no raisins.

 oreo miles (12:00)
15,816: steps (one bathroom break, but didn’t leave desk for it)
1: gas prices cut from redding list (funny part is that it would have fit. it just made me laugh to do it. you are a Bad Influence.)

soundtrack: “the bottle & fresh horses,” the refreshments. because beatles are no good for tempo. and sometimes you need to remember. even if it hurts. tempo’s supposed to hurt, no? This I know, I’ve got a lot to learn/but could you spare me a match/I’ve got a bridge to burn.

sidenote: doesn’t it feel weird that tempo tuesday is now on tuesday? that just seems wrong.


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