4 miles (13:02)


oh, man. i ALREADY succumbed to the treadmill. but honest, it was below 70 degrees here. and there may or may not have been a tornado. 4 miles (13:02). i ran braless. you’re such a sissy. i’ve begun a science experiment (SCIENCE!!!!), listening to the albums in chronological order of some band called The Beatles (yes, they spell it that way), who just put their albums on spotify for the first time. idea is to listen with an open mind, like i’m hearing them for the first time. today was the second album, “with the beatles.” i already reviewd their debut, “please please me,” earlier somewhere. i wasn’t wowed by that one. this one sounds like it was recorded just four months later (it was), and like the original songs on it were written on the fly in the studio (they were). i honestly don’t get what the big deal is with this band. great harmonies, but i’m left with the image of ringo playing bongos naked. or maybe that was matthew mcconaughey. i’ll give them maybe one more album, then i’m autopiloting huffamoose.

mileage: 4 (13:02) fred
step count: 11,347. it’s depressing to look at the thing and realize i take only eight steps a day other than my daily run. i’m gonna start carrying it to the bathroom during my pee break, if i ever get one. p.s. charge the thing. and that !? was totally mean.

number of dolly madison cakes eaten: two (doesn’t that support charlie brown’s christmas?)
soundtrack: “With the Beatles,” the Beatles (the British version, not the U.S. release.) plus two Huffamoose songs to put off killing myself.


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