2 miles

i ran 2 slow on the jackalope with mo to see how things are. which, is, apparently, fine. foot woe is gone. so back to the grind tomorrow. the photos from the 100 mile version of saturday’s race were pretty amazing. they really got dumped on. there was a stretch we went through before the rain started that was already a shoe-stealing bog, so i can only imagine what that was like after the deluge. a hardy lot, those kids who suck it up and run all night through the rain and mud and inflatable alligators. i curtsy in their general direction. what is it that causes people to go to such extremes?


p.s.: this is what the road marathon in dallas looked like this weekend.

this is what our trail marathon looked like.

what would Robert Frost say? Or maybe Anna Frost …


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One Response to 2 miles

  1. janerunswild says:

    Nice trail run! Always great to get out there.

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