longtime readers will remember i got an email from race director yesterday saying the weather will be warm this weekend, meaning there will be a lot of alligators on the trail. this is particularly worrisome because i am sure to be the slowest runner.

i thought about my options for a long time, then finally hit upon the solution. i signed Mo up for the race. sure, she’s faster than me, but accidents happen. and if for some reason she trips while the gators are in pursuit, that would be very sad. but we were in a trail race a couple of years ago where in the middle of the night the race director waved us down to warn us that there was a hive full on angry bees ahead. when I looked up, Mo was already a half-mile down the trail, agitating the bees and leaving me to die on a pitch-black trail in the middle of nowhere. I’m gonna miss Mo …

p.s. i think it’s a good sign that “certain death lies ahead” is one of our more-used tags. we must be doing something right.



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