today was my rest day (as if you couldn run on taste test tuesday). today’s taste test tuesday was oatmeal, which was pretty great. why has nobody thought of this for running before?

which led me to twitter, which led me to the photo of erin finn. she was running in her adidas spikes and lucky pink socks at this weekend’s ncaa cross-country championships when the runner behind her clipped one of her shoes. and then the other. and then one of her lucky pink socks came off. and then the other. and then she had to run 2 1/2 miles barefoot.

to make matters worse, the course included a long gravel stretch, which if you look up the definition of “not that much fun” in the new world dictionary is the third definition, just behind 1. saturday night at tony’s and 2. eating expired pineapple cake.

but she kept running. she didn’t give up. she still finished 19th in the field of 254 and earned All-American honors.

i pondered the moral. maybe that you can do more than you think. maybe that when things seem impossible, you can still make it happen. or never, ever give up.

nah. i think the real moral is: lucky pink socks suck.

this is EXACTLY why i never wear socks. and you might want to reconsider pink attire in general. bad mojojojo. and maybe lay off the expired pineapple cake.



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