3 miles (13:10)


it’s a dilemma that has troubled mankind since the days of dinosaurs running 10ks, if dinosaurs were people and the 10k wasn’t a short course. i am skeptical of satellites’ accuracy in the Paleolithic Period. and any diet that bans donuts seems a bit suspect. how can you properly fuel during the long run?

through trial and error (lots and lots of projectile vomiting), i settled upon Caffeinated Raspberry Tailwind as The Perfect Running Nutrition. i ran 35 miles on a hot tejas day ingesting nothing else and felt fine the whole way. just enough taste, just enough caffeine, just enough all that carb sodium potassium stuff you need to keep from keeling over dead without making your belly wish you WERE dead. but it’s a powder. one scoop per 12 ounces of water. how to execute that on a long run? when picking up a race packet today at the Fleet Feet store, i found the answer. the Nathan Mio Squirter.

sure, it’s made to douse your VRB with mio during the once-every-other-decade-run-together, but with a simple modification it becomes the Perfect Long Run Device.©  there’s a small pocket attached to a 10-ounce bottle. i have little plastic zippy bags. this will allow me to control exactly how much of the substance I use for each refill. i fill each a bag with a scoop of Tailwind. so when i go into an aid station, i get the bottle refilled, dump in the tailwind, and i’m off again. i figure one bottle between aid stations is just right.

it’s all a matter of controlling how much of the substance goes into the water. and the pocket is big enough that i could carry sufficient Tailwind to make it from here to Louisiana. at which point i would stop for pralines anyhow. so it’s all there in one easy-to-carry device. water bottle, with the best nozzle i’ve ever come across, easy hand-held gizmo, and packets of Tailwind. all that’s left is that running stuff.

i tried it today on the selena course (3 miles, 13:10). perfect. except it started raining halfway through. inconclusive as to whether the mio device was the cause of the rain. although if it was, i’m going to make a LOT of money in california. running with a controlled substance. genius. i am a Smart Person©.   hmmm. what if you bypassed the bottle altogether and used a syringe instead? where’s that gullible taste test tuesday person when you need her …


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