4 miles (12:01)

g — i was running today while listening to Parquet Courts. i had stumbled upon a recent interview by the band. they seemed weird, and i’m a sucker for weird. i was listening to an album called “sunbathing animal” during a throwaway run on the jackalope. it’s a pretty great album, and i desperately wanted to like it. but i found myself wondering, what’s the point? why am i listening to this? it’s not connecting to that elusive part of my brain that elicits a response. it’s just music. is that enough? this, of course, meant that i had to think. so instead, i switched to led zeppelin II. i never really cared that much for the band. british thing, i suppose. but there’s a connection somewhere inside me. i listened to the album about 40 bazillion times in high school during a weekend trip to dallas. it was one of those road trips where you’re 16 and bulletproof, a dr pepper and an elbow out the window on a sunny day crossing an endless highway. maybe that’s the reason i listen to old music. because i’m old, and music makes me  young again. maybe  we cling to the music of our youth because we don’t want to age. we don’t want to forget, we don’t want to move on. we hold on to things, but eventually they fade. we stop listening to the album, we forget the password, we go through the motions. maybe it’s better that way. it’s just life. better to forget. in the end, i switched back to Parquet Courts. because it’s here now. and i don’t have to remember a damn thing to listen to it. 4 miles (12:01) on the jackalope. it’s just running.  and yes, that’s enough.


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