4 miles (10:00)

today was the the Great Wind Sprint Regatta of 2015. but you knew that.

as i ran in the wind yesterday, i wondered how fast i could uncork a mile in that wind. it’s about 20 mph, and my course is a flat, straight stretch of sidewalk. running in one direction gives me a total tailwind. could i finally run a sub-10 mile, something i haven’t done in way too long?

all i needed was some extra incentive. perhaps i could find someone gullible enough to agree to wear socks with flip flops for her weekly family gathering if i succeeded. but what are the odds of that?

first 2 miles were into the wind. just goofed off. 13:06, 13:08. Third mile started right around the kid fountain. it was such fun to run fast. the wind shoved me along, but that leg turnover. sigh. i totally forgot how much fun it is to fly. if 9 minute pace can be called flying. for me, anyhow. that sensation of effortless sailing. for a few moments, i was on the scc track with the dartmouth gazelles, floating above the track. heaven. i was under 9 pace for the first quarter before backing off a little to make sure i didn’t die. 9:09. second fastest mile since i’ve had the garmin (when the heck did i run faster than that?), and fastest 2 mile (21:00). i didn’t barf, and it felt great. probably could have gone sub-9 if i suffered totally, but that’s a bet for another day. i really hope we have a hurricane here someday. PR for sure. 11:46 cooldown mile.

maybe  it’s a matter of getting the confidence to run faster. i’ve told myself for so long that i couldn’t. but maybe i can. we’ll see. suffering is your friend.

and nothing says suffering like socks with flip flops …

side note: “please have pizza in your possession before approaching the beer servers.” best race instructions ever.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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