3 miles (12:53)


I ran today, which a few weeks ago wouldn’t have been news. Now it’s news, but just low b2 on the wichita page to fill up after the stargazer column. 3 miles (12:53) on the jackalope. Here’s weird: It was in THE MID-60s today!!!! Like almost chilly. And a delightful 25 mph post-storm wind. But the body felt normal for the first time since the long run. I was inspired enough to have ice cream at  lunch. So there’s that.


Son of sidenote: Storm was a total dud. You remember the corpus weather guys. WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE WE’RE GONNA DIE oh never mind. Rained some but no poodles whipping by in extreme winds or Fiats being swept away in flooding. dammit. Best part was that the beach is underwater, so the gulls had the joint to themselves during today’s run. Quite a party. I’m guessing the mimosas were flowing freely.


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