2 miles (12:00)

bI’M ABOUT TO DIE IN A HURRICANE!!!!!! Have you seen this thing? They’re predicting 17 feet of rain in less than an hour. Do you know how many dead fish that’s going to leave on the course? And it’s named Patricia. What a sissy name for a killer hurricane. I actually trotted today, 2 miles (12:00) on the treadmill, only to make the solemn vow NEVER TO RUN ON THE FREAKING TREADMILL AGAIN. And now I see the forecast that we’re going to get 37 FEET OF RAIN IN LESS THAN AN HOUR!!!!! So I’m looking forward to some soggy running. Upside: Last week’s race director is a genius. This would’ve been a Bad Weekend for a 24-hour Run. Downside: IT’S GOING TO RAIN 57 FEET OF RAIN IN LESS THAN 20 MINUTES!!!! Mostly now i want a donut with an Oreo stuck in the middle. Dammit.

p.s. First they sold the company out from under us, dooming us to certain unemployment. not so bad. BUT NOW THEY RAISED THE PRICE OF OREOS IN THE VENDO TO 75 CENTS!!!! Just kick me when I’m down. Now i wish the vendo had donuts …


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