35 miles, 10:24

915: more coffee

10: drive back to Greenville

11: get ready for gsme: “it’ll probably be chilly at game we will wear cardigan and blazer for warmth.” We are morons.

Noon: get to bus stop for ride to ECU football

Noon-thirty: ITS EFFING HOT
1: sweating because it’s hot

130: still hot

5 am: woke up. pondered cruelty of hotel coffeemaker that requires you to have downed two cups of coffee before figuring how to make it work.

6 am: duly note sign in hotel warning no food can be taken from dining room. stuff pockets with mini muffins. send me to prison.

6:55: Down 34 mini muffins, last solid food before Tailwind-Only experiment.

7 am to 5 pm. run out and back on a sidewalk trail. wishing i had more mni muffins.

7 pm: arby’s milkshake.

11:30 pm: home. happy. remember that it’s way more fun to do stuff on the fly than to plan. realize you’re breaking up with uncle hal for sure. wait for story of him being found face down in a brothel.

jackalope: 35 miles (10:24)


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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