isadly, no run today. did you see that joseph heller is re-writing “catch-22”? you might add that to your mystery research list since he died in 1999. the premise of catch-22, of course, being that yossarian wanted out of flying bombing missions, so he said he was crazy. but  if you don’t want to fly bombing missions, you can’t be crazy. catch-22. the new book focuses around running and depression. I’m totally depressed, and the only thing that will snap me out of a major depression is running. but i’m too depressed to run. and i can’t get out of the depression without flying a bombing mission. or something. catch 26.2.

this would all be worrisome were we not on the verge of getting offed by the mob anyhow. there’s always a catch …

side note: you know you’re on to the proper nutritional supplement when they advise you not to use it for more than six hours.

son of side note: catch-22 was banned in the town of Strongsville, Ohio in 1972 because of language in the novel that was viewed by some as indecent. The ban was later taken off in 1976. fucking a.


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