7 miles

g –you spend the morning hiking 2 miles into  a canyon. lying in the sand, looking up at those massive walls unchanged after 40 years. or a million years. it’s so quiet. the rio grande splashes a rhythm against your toes. you could stay there forever.

in the afternoon you trot through the desert. 5 miles of nothing but you and rocks and cactus and heat. a desert solitude most people are baffled by, but which lures you like a blue popsicle. you see petroglyphs and roadrunners and bottlebrush so tiny you want to give them the rest of your dwindling water. it just couldn’t be better.

then you find out your company’s being sold, so you get in the car and start driving home. because what’s the point of being on vacation after that?

funny how life always seems to balance out.

and then you die.


About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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