new tires/pizza and sweet tea. not sure if that’s a good day or a bad day. The highlight of MY day, on the other hand was restocking on rest day before tempo tuesday. an actual transcript:

fleet feet guy: can i help you?

me: mumble

fleet feet guy:  GU. what flavor?

me: ummm.

fleet feet guy: how many?

me: perfect imitation of Hal Incandenza in chapter 1 of ultimate jest.

fleet feet guy: that’s a lot! are you training for a race?

me: shrug.

fleet feet guy: are you in our system? If you’re buying that much GU, you should be in the system.

me: stare at floor.

fleet feet guy: um, ok, here you go. thanks.

me: panicked exit.

god, i love to talk running.

epitaph: new gu design dropped expiration date. i’m a goner.

And then you know the other part. Here’s to a better Saturday.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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