10 miles (13:50)


notice: 1. both feet off the ground. Women can NOT be trusted. 2. Judge totally writing her up in background. HA! 3. Physique couldn’t possibly be expected to run 50k. 4. Uterus on road cropped out because of blog’s PG rating.

Did you know the race walk record in the men’s 50K is 3:32.33? That’s a 6:50 minute pace over 31 miles. If you run enough races (and I assume you will, now that you’re abandoning mmmbop rather than abandoning running altogether), one of those guys will blow by you. They are insanely fast, although they tend to cheat. The rules say you must always have one foot on the ground. The UNWRITTEN rule says you must always have one foot on the ground when a judge is watching you. The fastest Olympic 50K race walk time for women is …. um, well, I don’t know how to say this. THERE IS ONLY A MEN’S RACE!!!! THEY DON’T HAVE A 50K FOR WOMEN IN THE OLYMPICS!!!!!! Their longest race is 20k. Because, well, you know, your uterus and all. Sigh. Commence Feminist Rant now.

I ran 10 miles on the uncle hal plan today (13:50) on the 1.4 mile church loop. One of those mind trickery days. Um, we’ll just do one loop. OK, maybe another, and so on. Miles is miles. I already AM a 90-year-old woman (as my hallmark binge during college football proves), so walking would be a small step. With one foot on the ground. If a judge is looking. I’d probably go faster. But week 1 of the hal chonicles is in the books, and other than coming up a mile short saturday, i’m still on schedule. So we’ll see.



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