thet extra rest day is the secret. But it’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone. The thing I like most about Uncle Hal’s plan over the mmmbop boys (other than, of course, the inspirational daily quote) is that second rest day. There’s a flow to the easy-medium-easy day off hard-hard day off that appeals to me. Tear down, build up, tear down, build up, fall over dead, swear off running forever. I love that routine. So while others were out suffering, I was doing nothing more than fighting the urge to eat coconut popsicles, since that’s all we have once  all the edible ones were snatched up. Tomorrow is 5 miles at marathon pace (12:00 for flip flops and socks, which from this point on shall be referred to as FFS pace), followed by 10 fred miles on sunday. Nothing compared to your weekend, but it’s a start. The miles get longer as the weeks go by, but the rest days before and after those two hard days are a constant. Old guys need the rest, I think. Uncle Hal, in his infinite wisdom, offers this today: “Rest is critical to your success. Don’t overlook it.” Which would be sound advice if he hadn’t followed it with, “But I mean running rest. It’s OK to go in to work today for a hell shift caused by one of your co-workers calling in sick on a Friday. You can use the overtime to pay for more rounds of 40 dollar advice.” Uncle Hal sucks.

side note: The fight for intellectual freedom and marathon success are much the same. All a matter of getting past that wall …


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