5 miles (12:48)


I curtsy to your PMC and CTL and ATL. I think. Can’t wait to hear Uncle Hal’s morning inspiration aka you should have just sent me the forty bucks.

one of the perks of hanging with Uncle Hal, other than his inspirational quotes, is a bottomless pit of geedack. Today’s run was 5 miles (12:48) on the Jesus Etc. course. It felt great. Little did I know. After loading the numbers, Training Peaks (the Uncle Hal companion site), gave me my PMC Report. I had no idea what a PMC is, but it must be vital or why else would you need to report it? Turns out it’s worse than FWD. It says my fitness level is 5.6 ctl. I suppose. But my fatigue level is 27.6 atl. I HAVE noticed feeling a bit atl lately, but I had no idea it was this bad. But worst of all, my form is MINUS 15.5!!!!! I was clueless as to what any of these numbers mean, so I read up on it at their Q&A. After which, I can report that I have no idea what any of these numbers mean. Apparently form is the big deal, comparing fitness to fatigue. Optimum is supposed to be somewhere around zero or slightly above. So I’m guessing -15.5 leaves room for improvement. Although it only has three runs worth of information so far, so I’m not sure how statistically accurate it is. I likely need to pay a grad student 40 bucks to work through this stuff. And it IS math, your specialty, AND it’s almost science. SCIENCE!!!!! I know how you love science. Dog Poop Taste Test Tuesday!!!! You really gotta hear the Ana dog poop story. Anyhow, the run felt fine and although Uncle Hal said it was OK to punch the accelerator today, he doesn’t realize my body is a lot like my car. You can hold the pedal all the way down and nothing much happens. Oh, well. still running.

p.s. Today is Sept. 16, Mexico’s Independence Day. Living in a land that’s 65 percent Hispanic, it’s a big deal here (sorry, cinco de mayo). I saw this guy on the seawall during my run. It must be nice to have a sense of home, no matter where you are, that would lead you to drape yourself in the flag, or get a tattoo, or belt out Texas, our Texas before the start of the race to honor your home. I wish I had a home …

Son of Side note: Lauren Fleshman says it’s OK to eat donuts. And she’s Lauren Fleshman. So we must.


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