6 miles (13:01)

6 miles (13:01) on the jackalope course. It’s finally getting cooler here.. happier running, but i miss the hallucinations. Unless that really WAS you running with a headlamp during the day. Nah, that would just be silly. Almost time to break out the corduroy running shorts.

It was one of those odd days. I’m running in my ECU sunglasses (i can’t wait for Buc Days) on that course that goes by the auditorium to the magic fountain. Out on the sidewalk outside the auditorium are about 200 terribly earnest Jehovah’s Witnesses. Black suits, white shirts, respectfully modest dresses. One guy in a Hawaiian shirt. I assume he will be in a skit in which he dies from marijuana use. They’re milling about on the sidewalk next to the seawall, taking photos and chatting. Lunch break, I suppose. Nobody tries to win me over. The advantage of looking like a deranged, sweaty, naked homeless guy, I suppose. Mixed in with the group of well-dressed, bright eyed believers is the usual cast of Crazy Homeless Guys. They sleep along the sidewalk, on the benches and the seawall, because there’s shade and water and $3 sunglasses nearby. They look horrible, the way guys look when they’ve been through a crazy hot summer with no respite and no hope. They’re sprawled out like starving cats on a hot day. The Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t notice them. They go about their business, which apparently doesn’t included helping the least among us. All i know about Jehovah’s Witnesses is that you have to wear a sequined glove on one hand. In fairness, I don’t help either. There are just so many starving cats, and so many hot days. Besides, you don’t want to do anything that would mess up a good black suit or your favorite corduroy running shorts. The JWs chat, I run, the guys sleep. Our lives go on. Because that’s how life is. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone …


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