5 miles (11:15)

5 miles (11:00, 10:50, 11:23, 11:25, 12:16) on the jackalope. Sort of turned Fred Day Friday into Tempo Tuesday which makes no sense, meaning that under calvinball rules it makes perfect sense. Anyhow, 4 miles under tempo pace. Felt way too good, which makes me suspicious. Almost (and I’m not making this up) collided with a downtown ambassador on a Segway. Bitterly disappointed, as it would have made the best story ever. Eyes totally fried due to lack of sunglasses. As it turns out, the tourist booth next to the Luxury PortaPot sells sunglasses for THREE DOLLARS!!!!!!! Those have to be some quality sunglasses. No indication what their SPF number is. But I was afraid I would look like a tourist, or maybe a downtown ambassador, so I held off. Plus, I didn’t have three dollars. Also, I’m not really big on sunglasses while running. Also, I just make this stuff up and actually never got out of bed today. Other than that, a fine run.



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