1 mile


I think I may be too optimistic on my marathon target pace, which makes Tempo Tuesday unattainable. I was able to get through one of them before bursting into flames, surviving only because a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses who had arrived early for the convention doused me with holy water. Surely I will be cured. And then I was deathly ill all evening, because my VRB got me hooked on donuts and corn dogs and the only corn dog left at the convenience store had a skull and crossbones on it. I assumed it was leftover inventory from the Buc Days Festival. The evening did not go well. Oh, well. Kilometers are kilometers. I could sure go for a kilo …


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4 Responses to 1 mile

  1. I always get disappointed when a run goes bad, for whatever reason. But, it always makes me try harder on the next one. It’s like I have something to prove to myself so I really work hard. I’m sure the next one will be better.

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  2. zamgirl5 says:

    Ugh! Those days are the worst. Sometimes I wonder WTH is wrong with my legs. Cooler weather shall come eventually. And miles are miles. . .

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  3. jen says:

    I have a feeling cooler weather will bring the ice dragon — lesser of two evils? Maybe.


  4. jen says:

    Oh boy did I try harder on today’s run. Kept an even pace of 10:30ish for 6 miles. I couldn’t tell where the sweat started or ended. But it was way better than yesterday’s dreadful tempo miles.

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