4 miles (13:00)


g — 4 easy (12:50, 13:17, 13:08, 13:11) on the bay left course. I agree that easy days aren’t easy at all. But we can’t call them recovery days, because the recovery pace is a gear slower than easy pace. I don’t think we actually have any recovery runs in this plan (maybe it’s in the advanced plan?), but still, principle.

But I do think a name change is called for. Maybe Fred.

Fred, of course, is the name of my faithful water flask. It’s sort of a pointless name, which would seem to fit what we’re looking for. Plus, on Fred days it would serve as a reminder to hydrate. Or maybe drink water. And it sort of amuses me. And you know how hard I am to amuse. Maybe they sell Fred in the Big City? Or make your own bottle with a Sharpie. (Fred is a reusable bottle and you can take it to class in your back pocket unless you insist on buying size 0 pants.) It will only be a week or so till we die from this week’s training anyhow. Random fun fact — my favorite Gatorade is a slush monkey.


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2 Responses to 4 miles (13:00)

  1. zamgirl5 says:

    Is there something special in this “Fred” water? All of my runs, regardless of definition, have not been “easy” at all lately.


  2. hey, zam! nothing in Fred water that can’t be found in a carved-out book mailed from salazar to rupp.


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