10 miles (14:00)


There’s something about that first double-digit run. 10 miles is respectable distance. You can see where things are going from there. Half-marathon? Piece of cake (but not too sweet). Marathon? Thinkable. 50 miler? Just five of those. Oh, the possibilities. I ran on the Fabulous Jackalope Course, featuring shade, flushies and all the drinking fountains you could possibly want, as long as you only possibly wanted one. Much better today. Remember the running woes after dairy products. Well, apparently cottage cheese is a dairy product. Shouldn’t they label that stuff? 13:17, 13:31, 13:55, 13:52, 13:50, 14:30, 14:23, 13:56, 14:28, 14:39. Pooped toward the end but felt OK. Had an expired GU at 6 miles. Wishing for Run Gum. I’m hoping you will give me Texan lessons. But I’m not sure South Tejas counts as Texas anyhow. Beach Boys were perfect training after all. Measly 4 miles tomorrow yahoo ….

ps it takes a while to realize the conflict isn’t vs. other runners. the conflict is between you and the little voice in your head saying “um, maybe we should pay attention to the stop sign rather than meandering out into four lanes of traffic hoping cars will magically stop.” never, ever listen to that voice.


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