4 miles (13:30)

I’m looking at my twitter feed when up pops a chart for urine color and how to read it for dehydration. Predictably, the good zone is clear. But the bad zone looks like the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon after a release from the dam upstream. Sort of a chocolate milk thing. Which strikes me as odd, since you’re supposed to drink chocolate milk after a long run. Or possibly instead of a long run. Which could explain yesterday’s fiasco. So after today’s 4 miles on the good ol’ bay left course (12:24, 13:49, 13:56, 14:32), I was determined to check my pee color. But now I can’t pee. Performance anxiety, I suppose. Are you drinking enough? I bought my little 13-ounce flask for work and have been downing a bunch. They say if you run 4 miles, you should drink 17 gallons of water to replace the lost sweat. Which seems a bit on the low side, but one must not doubt science. Except for maybe scientology. Mostly I want to see how long I can go without drinking anything because then if i drink a gallon of chocolate milk, my pee will be chocolate and it would be cool to pee chocolate milk.


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2 Responses to 4 miles (13:30)

  1. I get stopped running by people asking for directions too… I really hate stopping and talking. It screws up my whole run.


  2. jen says:

    The guy pulled out into the street and then put the truck in reverse when he saw me running up the street. Apologized for interrupting my run and proceeded to ask where blah blah blah was. It was at that moment I regretted not listening to music while running.


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