6 miles

I know what you’re asking. How did those shoes work out? Well, since you ask, I’m totally smitten. These are the absolute not even close most perfect I can’t believe how amazing these things are shoes I have ever worn. And that includes the loafers with a penny in them in the sixth grade and my first pair of baseball cleats with metal spikes. I wouldn’t change a thing. They’re light, breathable, no seams inside the shoe, the drop is just right, the padding is perfect, they’re totally invisible. I’ve run in them for weeks and have never even thought about them. If I weren’t already married, I would be down on one knee. I am considering my first tattoo. Absolutely the perfect running companion. Which probably means I’ll switch to something else next week. But they came along on today’s run — selena, 6 miles (12:32, 12:48, 11:36, 11:28, 14:56, 14:20). Today’s run was to test what tempo will feel like. And I guess the answer is OK. I was supposed to hit 11:30 for the 2 middle miles. A nudge slow on the first but under on the second, which was into the wind. Go figure. Absolutely died on the last 2 miles afterward, but that’s OK. Headwind and crazy hot. If I’m anywhere close to pace in this stuff, it will be cake when things cool down. Lemon cake.


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2 Responses to 6 miles

  1. They’re gray. I considered the orange ones, but that just seems a little Too Fancy.

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  2. but seriously, they’re new balance zantes.

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