4 miles (12:30)

g — Rain? I sauntered out for today’s run only to find it was pouring. So I went back inside, got my wallet, and drove to the gym. Of course, by the time I got to the gym it had stopped raining. So back home, change into gym inappropriate attire, and out on the bay course  for 4 miles (12:26, 12:53, 12:38, 12:50). The weather was PLEASANT because it had just rained, and it’s not like you can get any more humid than the usual 100 percent humidity we have here. So it felt great. I’m starting to fear speed work beginning next week, though. Can I really run 5 miles of 11:30s? Maybe if I had lemon oreos, but. Legs felt fine after yesterday’s long run. I’m thinking maybe we throw in mini-speed runs tomorrow and Thursday just to transition a bit? Or better yet, you do it and tell me how it went. And maybe have a lemon oreo.



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