8 miles

I had worries, given it was another ugly day here, so I resorted to the oldest trick in the book — running out 4 so that I was stuck getting home. (actually, the MIO sunday night deadline squirt is the oldest trick in the book, but not necessarily a running tactic.) I ran from the abode to the magic fountain and back. 8 miles (12:52, 13:12, 13:19, 13:13, 15:31, 16:27, 17:14). Obviously the wheels fell off after 5 miles, but having wheels is likely cheating anyhow. I think out and back will be my new strategy. Even if the last miles are ugly, at least they’re miles. And there’s a bunch of water on the course now (they fixed the fountains on the bayfront!) so good for not dying. Not that dying is a bad thing.


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